Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fun things we did last month!!

We've had the opportunity to do some fun things over the last few months and here are some pictures that we captured during those times.

Michelle and I went to a Rockies playoff game when the Rocks played the Phillies. Our friends, the Lindell's, got tickets for us and we all enjoyed an amazing game. They swept the Phillies and made a great run at the Series.

Michelle and I also wanted to do something fun with the girls before the weather turned cold, so we decided to take them to the zoo. We had a great day as we spent the afternoon at the Denver City Zoo and then we took the girls to Casa Bonita for dinner.

We went to Uncle Matt and Aunt Erin's church for their Harvest Party and the girls looked great in their costumes. We had an elephant and a little genie. We are a little biased, but we think they were the cutest little ones around.

Here is Kassidy with her pumpkin that she designed and her Mommy cut out for her.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Our First of Many Blog's

It has been an incredible amount of time since we updated our website, especially since we do not have it any longer, and we wanted a way to be able to share what is going on in our lives with the people we care about. We are hoping this will be a good way for us to show pictures as well as share some stories about us.

The girls have been fantastic and they are both growing and learning so much. Kassidy has become a true sweetheart and promises to keep Michelle and I on our toes. She is still doing soccer buddies and is really loving it. She has really taken to the library as well where she goes to story time, and gets to picks out some books and movies to bring home to read and watch. Her favorite books are definately the touch and feel books.

Ellie is just the happiest baby around and she has been an incredble blessing for both Michelle and I. She loves food, sleeping, eating and napping :). She is the complete opposite of her big sister and loves to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, but she brings a big smile and an energetic mood to whom ever she is with (which is always Dad because Ellie's Mom does not operate at those hours).

Both girls have been relatively healthy over these last few months which has been a rarity for us. When they have felt sick, they continue to put both Michelle and I to shame with how good their attitude is. They both continue to smile and cheer us up despite them being the one who is under the weather.

Michelle is loving staying at home and continues to grow into the best wife and mother that we could all hope for. She is doing a bible study at our church every week which is truly one of the bright spots for her each week. It has been really good for her to be able to connect at the church as well as have some good fellowship with other ladies while the kids are looked after. Michelle is as usual, really looking forward to the holiday's. The day after Thanksgiving is on our calendar as a definate shopping day where Michelle will be the first out of bed and ready to hit the stores. This is the only day of the year she will be up at those hours I might add.

I (Nathan) am still at Starbucks working at the store inside the Citadel Mall. Starbucks has been a blessing in our lives providing for all of our needs along the way. I am continually learning new things and being challenged each day at Starbucks to be a person who better reflects the character of Jesus. Although it may not be the flashiest job in the world, it continues to take care of our needs (somehow), and it keeps me in a position for God to use me as He pleases. I am loving being a husband and father to my wife and kids and I truly look forward to every minute I get to spend with them.

All in all we are doing very well here in Colorado Springs. We have lived in our home for just under 2 years which has been an incredible blessing. We love our church (Rocky Mountain Calvary), and we have been apart of our K-Group (small group bible study) for a while (I do not remember when we starting), and we have also started a prayer group with our closest friends the Lindells and Rhodes. We are truly feeling the Lord's blessings upon us and we are resting in that.