Sunday, May 31, 2009

I can hardly believe May has come and gone. We now have a two year old running around the house!!!! Yes....she runs everywhere. We had a wonderful May. Ellie and Joshua (cousin) celebrated their second birthdays; I often wonder how the time has gone by so quickly. We spent a lot of time outside as the weather is getting warmer which the girls love. We hope the summer is full of fun and blessings for all of you! Enjoy the pictures.

Kass loves riding her bike!

Spending time at Grandma and Grandpa Pat's house!

The girls love seeing the horses. Now they even want to pet them and take little rides on them.

We have been BLESSED!!!!!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!!!!

We put Ellie's second flower on her birthday flag!

The birthday started off at Starbucks of course where Ellie got her chocolate milk.

We went to Lil Biggs to play....Ellie loves it there.

That night we had ice cream cake with her cousin Alyssa who has the same birthdate as Ellie!

Having fun in Palmer Lake with the cousins!!!!

We had Josh and Ellie's birthday party at Art Sports. The kids had a blast on the trampolines and foam pits.

Ellie kept wanting to do flips! That's my girl!

The birthday boy and girl! These two are so special.

The grandkids with Nana. They all have their matching Italy shirts on.

We went to the park for a picnic and fed the ducks/geese....they were not the friendliest though. They chased us because they wanted more food. Funny after it happened!

Kass is enjoying learning how to do the monkey bars. She can do one all by herself.

Ellie is all smiles!!!

We went to see the Thunder Birds and captured the first picture with all 5 grandkids. Baby Noah was born on May 12th!!!!

Blessings to all!!!