Sunday, December 2, 2007

Notre Dame--- Unbelievable!!!!

On November 9 we had the honor of flying out to go to a Notre Dame football game. Wow!!! What an incredible experience it was. Few words can truly explain what it feels like to be standing there on the campus experiencing the history and tradition that has made that incredible school into what it is today.

There were six of us that made the trip out to the Dame. Matt, Erin, Teri, Cheryl, Michelle and myself (Nathan). We left late on Friday night and flew into Chicago where we stayed over night and got up early to make the trip. We lost an hour in our two hour trip so we needed to get an early start. We got to the campus nice and early so we could walk around and see the sites and spend some time in their bookstore along with the other 80,000 people there to see the game. Here are some pictures below that we took as we walked.

In this picture we were lining up along the street that leads into the stadium. The band marches down this street from curb to curb (literally) chanting "Here come the Irish". Sweet music. Sweet, sweet music.

The Golden Dome!!! This was an incredible sight!

Over the door frame it says "GOD, COUNTRY, NOTRE DAME". It is really cool.

Here we are right before the game. Truly this stadium was the "most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen." (quoted from the greatest football movie ever)

Touchdown Jesus!!

First Down Moses!!

Hope that you can all share in our experience through these pictures. It was so awesome!!