Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Winter Fun

We have been able to get out and do some fun activites during the winter months here in Colorado.
Right after Christmas Kassidy went ice skating for the first time and had a great time. Unfortunately, Michelle did not fare so well as she fell and broke her wrist.

The weeks and months following "the crash" were extremely difficult as Michelle could not do much with her wrist. Although we tried hard, Ellie could not get in and out of her car seat by herself and so we really had to rely upon those around us for help.

Thank you for those that did help.

We have gotten some snow this year but not nearly as much as we have gotten in the past. Kassidy did get the chance to build her first snowman with her Aunt Mary.

Kassidy said the design and size of the snowman was all Mary's idea!!

Our girls are growing up-- but they love spending time together which is a blessing for us watch. Ellie has really started moving around. It took her a while to get the hang of crawling, but once she did, she took off and hasn't stopped yet. Her favorite place to go is under the kitchen table.

We have been trying to get out whenever we can. On this brisk morning we went to Garden of the Gods and went walking for a while. We followed our walk up with a trip to Manuel's-- some fine Mexican Cuisine.

I had to put a great picture of two of the prettiest girls in the world. It was such an amazing day-- truly a day where we can give thanks to the Lord, for His mighty creation.

On the colder days we have to be a little more creative when we go and do things. On this day Ellie asked if she could go to the mall to play at the play place. She had to bring her cousin Romes (Joshua) with so they could hang out together.

Kassidy came also but never stopped long enough to get a picture. She is non-stop.

Kassidy's Birthday Party

We celebrated Kassidy's 3rd birthday just a few days ago. She had some of her friends and family over for some games and cake. Kassidy loves penguins and so the theme of her party was just that. They played pin the bow tie on the penguin, musical hats, and opened some gifts. Kassidy had a great time and loved sharing this day with those that mean so much to her.

Here is our little Ellie. She is just as serious as her big sister was at this age. She is just getting her feet under her these days as she has more to bear than others her age :) .

Ellie is like Kassidy in so many ways and yet she is so unique in her own right. She likes to stick out her upper lip and her trademark move is sucking on her two fingers.

God has been so faithful in our lives over the last few months. Kassidy has had the healthiest stretch, probably of her life, and when we have gotten sick, it has passed quickly. We have had to cancel some trips we planned on taking, but in the aftermath we were able to see how He ordained each instance in our lives. We are eager to get up each day to see what God has for us, and we are continually seeking His will for our lives.