Saturday, February 7, 2009

January 2009 Estes Park

We had a wonderful January; it was a nice relaxing month which is out of the ordinary for us! At the end of the month we were blessed to be able to go up to Estes Park to a YMCA camp for two nights. We had a small two bedroom cabin and Kass kept calling it a "barn". She makes us laugh! What a nice getaway. Here are some of the pictures we would love to share with you.

Kassidy put her swimsuit on right when we got there. We went swimming twice and Kass said that was her favorite part.

Daddy's girls!

Ellie got to eat in a big chair the whole vacation.

Kassidy and mama made a bracelet and necklace at the craft center.

Kassidy was so proud of her jewelry!

Only on vacation do you get lollipops before lunch. :)

Kass loved roller skating!

Ellie insisted on trying to rollerskate but she would not let anyone help her. She is so independent!

Ellie and mama snoozing away!

This was the view from our cabin! God is so great and we are thankful to live in such a beautiful state!

Hope you are all doing well and may God richly bless you!