Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hi to all of our family and friends.
We have yet again been so blessed and would love to share some of our exciting pictures with you. April was so much fun as we started off the month with a week in Florida visiting Nathan's Dad and his wife Lisa. What a blessing it was to go see them and have a fun vacation. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed spending time at the beach!!! We also got to go to Sea World which Kassidy and Ellie still talk about! What a joy it was seeing things through the eyes of a 2 and 4 year old. They light up our lives. When we got back we got ready to celebrate Easter. What a special day as we celebrate Jesus rising from the grave. The girls also had a blast coloring eggs and doing an egg hunt. Much love to you all. Shine for Jesus!!!

This is our favorite picture. Do those legs get any cuter?

The girls loved playing at the beach. I think it still took two more baths once we were home to get all the sand out of Ellie's hair.

Kass asks if we can go back to Florida nearly every day.

My cute Els a bells.

The girls got to pick out their own sunglasses for our trip. We thought they fit their personalities perfectly!

Ellie always wears hers upside down or on her head.

Kassidy and Grandpa!

The girls loved to play on grandpa's porch.

This was Kassidy's first rollercoaster ride. She loved it!

Daddy, Ellie and Shamu

We miss Florida!

The girls with Grandpa and Lisa

Having fun decorating Easter eggs.

This is a classic "Ellie smile"

Kass, Ellie and Josh after their egg hunt!
Blessings to all.

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